Our Commercial Services

Our installations are performed to industry guidelines to ensure superior results.

Our crews of highly skilled craftsmen are professional, courteous men and women who take pride in their work. Their knowledge & expertise provide the craftsmanship to install almost any pattern in any tile you can imagine.

We have 25 years experience under our belt and have performed Commercial, Industrial and Institutional projects of varying size and perplexity. We warranty all our commercial installations for one year.

Free Commercial Design Consultation

Designers & Contractors: Impress your customers with your knowledge and offer them a wide variety of options. The staff at Battles & Battles Tile is always willing to support your decorating & design efforts. Let us take your customer by the hand when your schedule is tight. Visit our Showroom page for more information on design consultation.

Free Commercial Design Consultation

The first step to a successful project is to accurately measure the space where flooring and/or wall tile is to be installed. While we sometimes can give customers a rough estimate over the phone, assessing the job site first-hand is necessary before accurately quoting a job. However, we can usually provide quotes without visiting the site if architectural plans are available. Rough estimates are free in the Knoxville area. Detailed estimates provided for a sliding fee which will be credited toward the cost of your installation provided installation is performed by us.

Call (866) 525-7008 Toll Free and (865) 525-7008 or Email us to schedule an appointment today!

Regal Cinema Projects

The Pinnacle – Turkey Creek Installation of the intricate radius floor patterns on this project were mastered by our crews as well as the wall tile and exterior granite.

Historic Knoxville School Renovation

Knoxville, TN

Howard Baker Center for Public Policy

Our installation of marble and granite at the rotunda shown here won a national award.

Professionals and experts in what they do! The Bathroom Remodel that they did was beyond my expectations!
Mark C.

Bob Battles

Bob Battles founded the company in 1991 when he put his dreams and talent together.

The Battles Family

Battles & Battles Tile is owned by Bob Battles, his daughter, Maseena, and son, August, who take an active part in the day-to-day operations and successes of the company.

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